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Smug parenting

I read some daddy blog today about shouting. He said he never shouts at his kids because it isn’t constructive. Right. Do you know anyone who does think shouting is constructive? No. You do not. No one shouts at their kids because they think it’s… Read More

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Tired and Hangry

We’ve all been there. One minute everything is fine, even peaceful. The children are playing nicely, everyone is happy. Then a switch is flicked and you’re in the middle of a nightmare. Every child is crying, screeching, shouting. They all want to be heard, so… Read More

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Children’s Parties

Children’s parties. So much expectation! I made the rather foolish decision, when our eldest was about three, to start a tradition of “choose your cake.” Now, I’m no Delilah Smith and quite frankly I have neither the patience or the ability for fondant modelling. Over… Read More

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Get fit parenting

Late the other night I heard little man’s voice down the monitor. “Hey!” This isn’t unusual, and he often goes back to sleep. If he is even awake – I’m starting to think he’s a sleep talker. I waited with bated breath, muttering, “please no,… Read More

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Birds and Bees

Miss 9 asked me an awkward question about babies the other day. I am generally happy to answer, but the look on my in-laws’ faces prompted me to delay with some  generic and useless response. She’s since forgotten….for now. It’s a tricky one. When we… Read More

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The Body

No, this post isn’t about Elle McPherson and her underwear range. Partly because I don’t fit into it. Post baby #3 was a shock, body wise. Everyone said, “Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ve had three babies!” Well, yes. Yes I did have 3… Read More