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Mary Poppins…or not

If I’m honest, I always imagined that life with kids would be easy. After all, children just need love, right?
Turns out that it’s only about 20% happy, calm bliss…the rest of the time I’m searching for urgently needed items, wrangling our toddler out of tricky situations and answering bizarre questions. Cos, obviously, if one of your kids needs something, then you can guarentee the others do too. Right that minute. Some days I hardly know my own name.

And so we fall from visions of Mary Poppins and singing children to the reality… lost shoes, squabbling, the battle of making healthy food enticing enough for children and – somewhat ironically, given my intentions – being told that I “delete all the fun”.

It’s a good job that these criticisms of my character are balanced with “Mummy! I love you SO much!”

It seems that my children have been taught the hamburger approach to training us parents: one positive reinforcement, a tip for improvement and another positive comment to finish.

I’m sure they’ll let you know how I turn out.


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