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The Body

No, this post isn’t about Elle McPherson and her underwear range. Partly because I don’t fit into it.
Post baby #3 was a shock, body wise. Everyone said, “Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ve had three babies!”
Well, yes. Yes I did have 3 babies. However, the babies didn’t weigh that much. As I piled on the pounds in my first pregnancy, my lovely midwife told me to slow down on the chocolate.
I wish I had.
That baby weight is more “I’m getting fat anyway, give me chocolate and carbs” weight.
Of course, once you start it’s hard to break the habit. I feel I’ve done well in the last year with a great exercise program, and I’m probably fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been before. I need to be, as otherwise my kids would leave me in the dust! I play, run, cycle with them…and have a great 20m sprint time, thanks to my runner toddler.
Yet I still look 4 months pregnant.
Belly fat isn’t great, being linked to various health issues. I did think that baby belly fat might be okay, but apparently it’s the same thing.Imagine that!
It’s time to end my love affair with bread and give it the heave-ho, because now I’m just getting annoyed with my muffin top.
So my advice to first time mums-to-be is this: you’re not getting fat, you’re growing a human. It’s a fabulous thing (although it’s unlikely you’re feeling that right now!) … And do put down the chocolate, if it’s the second one today 😉


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