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Get fit parenting

Late the other night I heard little man’s voice down the monitor.
This isn’t unusual, and he often goes back to sleep. If he is even awake – I’m starting to think he’s a sleep talker. I waited with bated breath, muttering, “please no, please no.”
It wasn’t that I particularly object to getting up and resettling my kids if required, but this was the day after a particularly punishing Crossfit workout and my muscles were screaming.
It’s pretty hard to get fit when you have kids. It’s hard to find the time and, let’s face it, when you finally persuade them all to stay in bed, you’re more tempted to go to bed yourself than drag yourself off to an exercise class of any kind.
I find myself yawning through my warm up most sessions. A fellow crossfitter once told me I wasn’t breathing deeply enough, and yawning is the body’s way of taking in more oxygen.
That may be the case, but not for me; I’d been up since 5am that day after a nappy leak woke our toddler (and he the rest of the house).
Still, the miser in me won’t let me skip a session. I’m currently a stay at home mum, but we scrimp and save for the privilege. There’s no way I’m missing a session I’ve prepaid for.
My husband says that fitness is crucial, particularly as we get older (ugh), and it’s worth the money. He’s right of course, but if I can’t make a class I get very antsy. And it’s not all about the money.
I’ve made amazing gains in a short time, so I hate missing a class for that reason. It’s also pretty addictive…yep. That’s me, exercisephobe, addicted to crossfit. But most of all, I get two hours a week that are solely for me.
Of course, trying to pick up a toddler when my arms are like spaghetti can be challenging, but on the plus side, I can now carry him for two kilometres without tiring (you know the drill – refusal to walk, screaming as though being violently murdered when you try to get him in the stroller…We’ve all been there).
Crossfit is about functional fitness, and my physical endurance is pretty impressive these days. I see it every day as I dodge the curveballs my bright and active children throw at me.
For for life indeed.


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