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Are you kidding me?

So the kids are in bed (not sleeping, of course. Why would they be doing that??) I head downstairs and see that darling husband has the cake out, having offered some to his parents. I cut a small slice and take a bite.
“That’s fattening, you know,”
Father in law quips.
My expression probably said, “what the fuck?”, but I’m generally politer than that when speaking out loud.
“I’m not really worried about that,” I replied.
But…what the fuck???? This happens a lot, doesn’t it? Some guy comments about a mouthful of calories eaten by a woman, nevermind their own diet habits.
Why would any person in their right mind think it funny or acceptable to make a comment like that?
Sure, if I had hired a personal trainer and nutritionist to keep me on salad and protien shakes, I’d accept the jab and move on to the carrot sticks. But that is not the case, is it?
Obviously that nice treat turned to dust in my mouth. Well, gee. Thanks.
A friend of mine was once asked if she really intended to eat dessert. Another was told to be careful, that pudding would go straight to her bottom.
I mean, really??
It makes me furious.
Come on, ladies. Next time it happens to you, give that idiot an earful.
I have some possible responses:

Q: You know that’s fattening, don’t you?
A: Yes, I do. I also know that you’re inappropriate and offensive. Do you?
(Alternative answer: f off)

Q: Are you really going to eat that dessert?
A: Yes, I am. It’s delicious. Mmmm, wow, it’s amazing. I’ve never tasted anything this good. Wow.
Repeat til offender is pinched faced with jealousy.
(Alternative answer: f off)

Q: If you eat that, it’ll go straight to your bottom.
A: You don’t really think that, do you?  Food travels through the digestive system. You did finish high school, right?
(Alternative answer: f off)

I have no idea what gives anyone the right to comment one someone’s meal choices. Doctors and paid professionals excepted. The culture of body shaming is a massive concern, and one I’m determined to challenge for my daughters’ sakes as well as my own.
We have a healthy diet and everyone of family is very active. My children understand healthy choices, too. Well, not the toddler. He has no clue and screams for biscuits whenever he hears a packet rustle.
We talk about this quite a lot, as we like to justify the lack of dessert when the girls challenge us. Healthy food = healthy body and healthy mind. 
One day my daughter asked for a cake at the bakery. She said, “I know this is treat food, but I haven’t had one for ages so I know it’s an okay choice today.”
Bless. She probably had cake earlier that day at a friend’s house, but hey, she’s thinking about it, right?
I said, “Sure. Let’s do it. It’s good to have a treat.”
Sensible choices are the name of the game. If we deny ourselves too much, we get the backlash. Someone only has to mention the word  ‘diet’ and I’m reaching for chocolate I don’t even want. The brain is a funny thing.
So having people talk about fat, body shape and diets when you reach for food? Totally unacceptable.
The next comment I get about my food choices may well result in the commentee fleeing the scene with ringing ears from all the high-pitched yelling.

Fair warning.


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