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How to get dinner ready with grumpy children in tow

We’ve all been there. It’s dinner time, we’re trying to cook – or just looking in cupbards desperately, because somehow, after all these years, we occasionally still forget to think about dinner until dinnertime.
The children are tired and hungry. Sometimes there is crying. Sometimes there is raging, because no, they can’t have a biscuit right before dinner.

So what to do?
Obviously on our supermum days, it’s all there in the slow cooker just waiting to be served.
But on the other 99% of days….

Option 1: Drag some leftovers out of the freezer and reheat. Ta da!

Option 2: Eggs  and baked beans on toast. This is my personal favourite emergency dinner, as I adore beans on toast. Eggs contain lots of nutrients, beans are healthy too. Because of course you checked the sugar and sodium content while shopping, right??? 😉

Option 3: Brown rice and quinoa, boiled with frozen veg. Poached egg on top optional. I know
…it still amazes me that my children eat this, but they do and all it involves is boiling water, tipping things out of packets and waiting for 20 minutes. Excellent!

Option 4: Pasta and sauce. For my in-a-hurry sauce I open a can of chopped tomatoes, simmer for ten minutes with basil, or whatever herb is on standby, while the pasta cooks. And serve! Cheese on top for extra protein. Weirdly my children won’t eat vegetables with pasta (although there are often veggies blitzed into the sauce on supermum days), so I don’t bother.

Option 5: Canned soup with cheese on toast. This is a rare one, for two reasons:
1. My children refuse to eat my homemade soup and we have high drama over it. This offends me greatly. It’s great soup.
2. Canned soup is often really high in sodium. So that makes me feel guilty.

What are your quick and easy meals for nightmare dinner days?
Share ideas in the comments and share the love for chaotic households at 5pm!


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