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Summer non-bedtime

It was 7 pm and 28 degrees celsius. No breeze, either.
The children were tired, but clearly didn’t want to sleep. I attempted to settle Mr 2, but he got out of bed, scowled at me.
“Go away, mean!”
He left the room, shutting the door behind him.
A pivotal moment, and no doubt my reaction to this will shape the entire evening.
I heard him go into his sister’s room and they started a nonsensical conversation.
I thought to myself, ‘Do I get him back and persist in sleep settling? Do I adapt the Duct Tape philosophy, which is usually only applied to the older two?’
I did neither. Instead, I lay back and closed my eyes. The room was dark and quiet. A longed for breeze fluttered the curtains. Children coloured in pictures quietly in the next room, chatting away.
It was peaceful and I relaxed for the first time that day.
A while later, my little boy came back into the room and climbed onto  the bed beside me. He pulled the sheet over himself and snuggled down.
My heart melted. It worked! He put himself to bed!
He smiled at me and did that adorable whisper toddlers do when they learn to whisper and just make up sounds. He closed his eyes.
I smiled, feeling calm and relaxed and happy.
Then I smelt it.
“Have you pooed?”
His eyes popped open and he grinned. “Poo!”
So, up we get. Nappy changed, lots of wriggling and sleep time is, once again, nowhere in sight.
But I don’t mind.


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