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No use crying over spilt…everything


Mr 2 is a thrower. If he’s annoyed or upset, something gets pushed or thrown to the floor. Sometimes he does this for fun.
My house is a disaster.
At breakfast, he tipped out his cup of water, so I put a lid on the cup. Then I turned around again to see him tip a half bowl of milk and cereal down himself, the chair, the floor… I cleaned him off, told him sternly  “no tipping” and off he went upstairs with a scowl.
Five minutes later, darling husband says, “Why has he got ink on his hands?”
I dart out into the kitchen to see them looking at each other, both frowning as husband wipes off Mr 2’s hands.
I follow the ink trail up the staircase walls, wiping it off as I go and wondering if I’ll be able to actually get dressed this morning.
The trail ends with Miss 5 screeching – her brother has been in her room and played with her new stamp and inkpad set. Only he hasn’t used the stamps.
I try to soak the stains out of the carpet with some success.
Time is running out, so I abandon that task to focus on getting the girls ready for school.
The behaviour is normal. It’s actually a type of play pattern called a schema – in this case, we have trajectory. Basically, everything moves. Tables get swept clean, things are dropped on the floor, items are hurled about the room.
Whatever irritating behaviour your child shows, it’s likely to be a schema. Does your child constantly collect items and hide them in pockets and bags, or wrap everything? Enclosure or enveloping schema. Does your child mix things together a lot? Transformation schema.
Once we understand what it is that the child is actually doing and why, we can take steps to redirect the behaviours to make them less disruptive.
This website explains it all quite nicely:

Obviously, it takes work….
Once the school run is over, Mister 2 and I head home. I make myself a chamomile tea in an effort to relax and keep calm. I’m trying to cut down on coffee, you know, since apparently it’s bad to have more caffeine than blood running through your veins.
We head upstairs to play building blocks. I’m building away while Mr 2 alternatively helps by driving the blocks across the floor  or roots through the toy box. (See? Everything in movement, including himself. No wonder I’m exhausted!)
He has a DVD between his teeth. Miss 9’s fave movie, no less. I take it away, telling him that it will scratch. As I find the case, I hear a thunk.
Mr Grump has retaliated and thrown my relaxing chamomile tea across the floor. Since it’s lukewarm (I make it with half cold water to drink straight away), I only briefly check for harm. The clever sod has thrown it away from himself and is bone dry.
“No tipping!” I tell him crossly.
I am no longer relaxed.
The irony of an irritated toddler throwing my calming tea across the carpet hits me full force.
I laugh, then go put the kettle on.
I’ll give up coffee tomorrow.


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